From Clutter to Clarity: Transforming Facility Management with Mobile Plans

In this webinar, we discuss the challenges of accessing plans in the field. Our team dives into a solution with a guided demonstration of our mobile application, showing how your teams can have instant access to plans anywhere in the field.

Listen to the insightful discussion from QModo’s Chief Customer Officer, Ed Zunzunegui, along with QModo President Jeff Twardzik, QModo Vice President and SME, Sam Peng, and Dave Beebe, Vice President – Director of Facilities and Maintenance Operations, P1 Group, Inc.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • The challenge of plan rooms, corporate drives, and outdated building plans
  • The pains of unorganized, hard to read, and missing documents
  • The role of mobile plans in facility management
  • QModo’s Plan Visualization Feature