Streamline Your Daily Rounds with Mobile Checklists

Due to the lack of accessible and affordable mobile tools, numerous facility managers still rely on traditional pen-and-paper methods for their daily rounds. However, embracing the right technology allows facility managers to establish a structured framework that ensures the completion of critical tasks and fosters accountability. This blog post will explore five ways mobile checklists can improve processes while promoting structure, safety, efficiency, and visibility.

1. Structure and Accountability:

Mobile checklists provide facility managers with an organized approach for technicians to follow that ensures consistent task completion and accountability through mobile documentation, promoting responsibility and ownership.

2. Increased Safety and Security:

Facility managers can publish safety protocols, reminders for inspections, equipment maintenance, and emergency procedures, reducing the risk of accidents while ensuring compliance.

3. Improved Quality:

Transitioning to mobile checklists eliminates the potential for technicians to cut corners or overlook tasks. Automated reminders and notifications keep team members engaged and focused, ensuring no vital steps are missed.

4. Reduced Resolution Time:

Technicians can document problems as they happen with real-time reports, attach images and notes, and assign tasks for immediate action, promoting quick response times and minimizing downtime.

5. Enhanced Management Visibility:

Mobile platforms provide centralized access to checklists across multiple locations, offering visibility into completed tasks and pending items. Allowing managers to use resources effectively, improve workflow, and maximize efficiency.

QModo AI’s (“QModo”) mobile solution delivers everything your teams need to complete everyday tasks with automated checklists, instructions, building and asset information, and customized notes and videos.

  • QModo recognizes when a technician starts a daily round and automatically pre-populates input information (e.g., time, date, location, etc.), auto-saving after each step as they input data.
  • QModo displays safety and instructional content, including O&M manuals, building plans, equipment specific notes, custom notes, and videos, facilitating faster learning and task resolution.
  • Step-by-step instructions provided by QModo ensure facility well-being and minimize potential danger by assisting technicians in problem resolution, and improving the onboarding experience.
  • QModo’s Task Management feature allows managers to view progress across projects and enables technicians to seamlessly resume their work even on busy workdays.