Equip Your Teams With the Tool They Need Most – Knowledge.

We give engineers and technicians an easy-to-use solution that provides them quick access to all of the knowledge they need to safely and confidently maintain and repair buildings and equipment.

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Imagine if a water pipe broke over mission-critical components. What if your team had access to the information to reduce its impact?

Imagine if senior technicians never had the need to be “on-call.“ What if they could provide guidance for junior techs to access anytime?

Imagine if you could remove the need to hunt down manuals for your assets. What if the information was always at your fingertips?

Imagine if a generator fails and displays an error code. What if your team could easily look it up and properly diagnose the problem?

Imagine if your team never had to rely on “experts” to get jobs done. What if that tribal knowledge was available to everyone?

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Why QModo

See Value Within Days of Deployment.

Your team needs the right know-how to increase job performance and satisfaction. Save time and money by reducing outages and downtime while improving quality, safety, and compliance.

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    Mitigate Emergency Situations

    Keep your organization in front of problems that can render your facility inoperable. With QModo, your technicians will have contingency plans in the palm of their hands.

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    Complete PMs and Repairs More Efficiently

    Get up-to-date instructions for assets and components from your phone. Technicians can watch detailed repair videos, share essential knowledge with their team, and more.

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    Perform Tasks Safely and Accurately

    Don’t let an oversight make you liable. Provide your team with a tool to allow them to accurately execute tasks while avoiding missteps that could put them in danger.

Why QModo
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Technicians are assigned work orders that tell them when and where to be and what to work on, but they are missing critical knowledge on how to do the job safely and correctly the first time.

  • 19

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    of first-time fixes are often missed because the technician did not have access to the correct technical information.

  • 1/3

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    of a technician‘s time is spent looking for and gathering information, costing more than $11K per year, per technician.

  • 13

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    separate sources of information, on average, are regularly accessed by technicians to solve issues they encounter.

Source: Service Council Survey & Aberdeen Group, Innovapptive Article


Instant Access

“Hey QModo, Show Me…”

With the power of voice control, technicians are no longer fumbling through pages of O&M manuals while juggling all of their tools to perform a task. Now they can simply say “Hey QModo…” and get access to the right information, at the right time, at the right place.

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    Hands-Free Assistance

    Providing a hands-free knowledge base solves a multitude of challenges for technicians. It also increases efficiency and speed of repairs and routine maintenance.

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    Step-By-Step Instruction

    Engineers are able see detailed procedure steps on LOTO, PMs, and repairs. They can also capture information in real-time via interactive forms to help streamline operations.

Our Solution

Knowledge Transfer

Tribal Knowledge. Anytime, Anywhere.

When information becomes accessible, it becomes better for everyone. Senior technicians no longer need to be “on-call” and they can avoid distractions giving them the focus they need to perform complex tasks. Junior technicians can also tackle problems and complete routine maintenance with confidence, which gives your organization superior performance from the top-down.

QModo app features
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quote iconThis has been a game changer for our teams. We are able to create and access information for the buildings and equipment we maintain. We‘ve also increased efficiency, quality, and safety while significantly reducing costs.

Since we began using QModo AI’s solution, we have gone live with CGL MobileMind, a white labeled version of their mobile app, in over 335 facilities. Their onboarding services and ongoing support have enabled us to deliver a much better experience to our customers.

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  • Joe Lee

    Chief Executive Officer,
    Facility Management

    CGL Companies

More Than a SaaS Platform

Give Your Technicians the Power of How.

QModo empowers technicians and engineers to confidently and safely maintain and repair buildings and equipment faster than ever before. The result is significant cost savings, reduction in downtime, and minimized impact during an emergency.

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    Multi-Site Management

    Coordinate knowledge globally while allowing for local data segmentation. QModo also standardizes your maintenance procedures and culture throughout the organization.

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    Rapid Data Collection

    QModo‘s customer success team understands that facility managers work with large amounts of data and will actively manage and keep your information up to date.

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    Mobile Workforce

    Keeping your team connected to information can be difficult and costly. With QModo, your stakeholders can work from anywhere including areas with poor-to-no service.

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    Facility Compliance

    QModo creates a digital paper trail for all of your procedures that most compliance audits look for to determine how a facility has maintained its standards.

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