Has Your Operating Room Ever Been Shut Down Due to Maintenance Issues?

Anything but an optimal OR environment requires cancellation of procedures, impacting patient care and wasting money. QModo takes the worry away with an application that gives your technician detailed operating guidelines to keep all systems operating and in compliance.

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“Hey QModo, ICU 3 Is Too Warm.”

While technicians need to know how to maintain equipment, it is just as important that they know which parts of the building equipment is servicing. QModo gives your team quick access to coverage area information helping them troubleshoot critical issues.

  • Search Intent

    Whether technicians are looking up an error code or are needing as-built diagrams, the AI-powered search delivers the most relevant information within a few clicks.

  • Quick Links

    QModo provides customizable quick links for easy access to complex equipment and detailed PM procedures that require access to a wide range of documentation.

Our Solution

QModo AI Benefits

Trust QModo To Provide the Best Knowledge Possible.

Management of a healthcare facility has little margin for error. The high stakes environment of hospitals and other medical facilities means your teams have to fix systems quickly. QModo provides them with access to the right information ensuring optimal conditions at all times while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Manage Internal Emergencies

    QModo provides your technicians information on who to call, where to go, and what to do during emergency situations.

  • Maintain Mission-Critical Components

    Connect to your existing asset management and CMMS software for the most current equipment details and preventive maintenance schedules.

  • Ensure Accuracy and Reliability

    Give your employees access to current documentation and procedures and capture completed tasks with detailed information.

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