Our Most Commonly Asked Questions.

The cost of the solution is determined by square footage, complexity of the building(s)/assets, and the number of facilities included in the subscription agreement. The annual subscription fee includes unlimited users, pieces of equipment, uploaded videos and pictures, procedures, etc. and standard maintenance/support. Most customers can realize a return on their investment within months of deployment.
Yes, in fact, our solution originated from a small healthcare facility. We believe the benefits of QModo provide a safer and more confident workspace for engineers and technicians which applies to both small and large facilities.
No, QModo was built to work WITH your existing system. Whether you’re operating with a CMMS or ERP system, we can seamlessly integrate without creating headaches for your stakeholders.
Data loaded into the QModo platform comes from a variety of sources. First, the customer‘s existing data from various sources, such as local computers, intranet sites, network drives, smartphones, etc. can be organized and loaded. Second, with the provided asset list, QModo‘s content team begins looking for content in our global database and on the internet. They also reach out to manufacturers if nothing is found publicly. The final source of data comes from the customer’s staff and QModo makes it easy for them to easily add additional text, videos, pictures, and PDFs for building layout/blueprints including supplemental procedures.
As the saying goes, we eat an apple one bite at a time; so we onboard a customer with discrete tasks via a detailed, structured process. We work with the customer to define their priority and pace of onboarding. Our goal is to ensure the solution meets and exceeds the needs of our customer. We help with data loading, training the trainer, and orientation sessions for all end users.
Anyone who needs quick and easy access to their data may use QModo. We obsess over creating a solution that organizes data and provides an easy interface to extract data. Typically, facility engineers and technicians are the primary consumers of the data, but for information such as emergency or safety procedures all staff can benefit from this information.
Yes, because our team works with them to ensure the data they need is in QModo and can be quickly accessed from the solution. We work tirelessly to ensure the solution is easy to use and we conduct orientation sessions with users to ensure they are comfortable with navigating QModo.
QModo‘s customer success team is the navigator for the onboarding process and we work to perform as much of the heavy lifting as possible. We begin with guiding customers to define the locations, assets, priorities, team members (leads & stakeholders), and success criteria. At each location, we conduct a kickoff meeting with stakeholders to provide them an overview of QModo, share goals, and request data. Data is collected, approved, and loaded per the agreed upon plan.
This will depend on the customer’s desires, sophistication, and capabilities. The customer, based on an agreed upon cadence, may share flat files for asset data, vendor contact data, and user data along with PDFs for building layout/blueprints and supplemental procedures. The customer can choose to allow QModo to integrate directly with their CMMS/work order solutions for that data to be entered into QModo.
No, there are no additional fees to import your data.

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