The New Wave of Tech-Powered Buildings

Buildings have advanced in far more ways than just a structure with four walls and a roof. They have become hubs of business, education, healthcare, and government — and are a lot more complicated than ever before. Building technology has continued to advance, sparking the trend of “smart buildings” by connecting the Internet of Things to building functions such as HVAC and life safety. This has created opportunities to simplify building operations through the use of the Building Internet of Things (“BIoT”).

The market for BIoT solutions is forecasted to grow at a steady rate of 12% and is expected to rise to $92.88 billion by 2027. In addition, there has been a push towards improving the quality of data collected by building servers and optimizing that data in ways that can improve operational efficiency. To manage the increase in building data being collected and analyzed, building managers are adopting artificial intelligence (“AI”) driven solutions to pair with their BIoT systems.

Advanced Tech Comes with Advanced Problems

The more intelligent a building becomes, the more challenging it is to provide maintenance. For example, it is very common today for buildings to have motion-activated light sensors to help improve energy efficiency. The problem, however, is that without proper maintenance, these automated light systems inevitably malfunction, creating costly problems in the long run. Without AI software solutions to facilitate efficient operations, these light systems can go down more readily, costing building management even more money.

Just as with light sensors, it is common for smart buildings to have IoT-driven HVAC systems. Regular maintenance, troubleshooting a problem, or finding a solution to an error code in a smart building utilizing BIoT systems poses a challenge to facility engineers and technicians. This is where AI-driven solutions can play a role in not only fixing these problems but in preventing them from happening in the first place.

Integrate AI Power in Your Buildings

Given the complexities of today’s smart buildings, it is imperative to incorporate AI solutions to meet the needs of BIoT-managed smart buildings. QModo AI (“QModo”) delivers the “Power of How” to its customers, integrating with their BIoT systems and CMMS platforms, to maximize the efficient management of their facilities and equipment.

QModo understands the importance of capturing your tribal knowledge and delivering information quickly and efficiently to the hands of your engineers and technicians, all while ensuring the effective training and safety of your staff. The health of your building is just as important as the work that takes place inside of it – let QModo show you how we can significantly improve your building operations.