Four Solutions to the Most Common Facility Management Problems

Facility Management (FM) teams are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities throughout the workday. From the overwhelming amount of client requests to the countless assets under watch, it is challenging to stay in compliance with manufacturer recommendations, warranties, and safety protocols; manage your own SOPs; all while remaining organized and operating efficiently – many times short-handed.

Facility managers, engineers, and technicians run into different problems throughout the day and struggle to find reliable information at the right time and place. The primary function of a facility manager is to create a safe and smoothly operating environment in which their businesses can thrive. Each aspect of facility management is as important as the next, which is why it is crucial to work at maximum efficiency. Facility management is an ever-changing career, with new technology emerging almost daily. With all this new technology, it’s difficult to know how to manage it all.

Unforeseen Maintenance & Repairs

Problem: Machines inevitably malfunction over time, and without proper monitoring, these issues can go undetected. Sometimes the problem is not detected until it is too late, thus leading to lengthy, expensive repairs and often costly business interruptions. Asset management needs to be worked on every day to slow the effects of aging equipment. When asset management is not a priority, equipment falters, employees are inconvenienced, and business interruptions occur that dramatically affect the bottom line.

Solution: The purpose of preventative maintenance is to mitigate possible disasters by monitoring equipment and logging performance every day to avoid machine failures. Rushing through a repair is not an option, and figuring out what and how to fix specific equipment can be daunting. Before any fix, FM teams should have the necessary steps arranged clearly and concisely in front of them. QModo solves this challenge with our AI-driven solution that includes checklists, tasks, decision trees, how-to videos, and more. Utilizing these elements within our platform gives you the ability to provide the “Power of How” to your technicians, engineers, third-party vendors, and staff easily and efficiently – enabling even the newest members of your team to have the information and training to be immediately effective.

Staying Organized

Problem: It is not uncommon for a facility manager to be assigned multiple projects simultaneously, making it harder to stay organized. Client requests can pile up, and daily maintenance checks only expand the list of things to do. Streamlining these tasks is almost impossible when logging each repair on paper, taking up valuable technician utilization time. Referencing out-of-date records can pose a challenge when information is disorganized. Sifting through hundreds of documents to find the right one is tedious and inefficient.

Solution: Organization is critical when dealing with a myriad of machines and equipment. No matter what industry you are in, keeping a digital log of paperwork and daily tasks is a must. QModo’s mobile and speech-enabled knowledge base are easily searchable, cutting a technician’s time spent searching for information to do their job by over 30%. Our platform will not only help with “how to do their jobs” but will also capture “what was done.” All while preserving the information for others to see and refer to later.

Access to the Right Information

Problem: Between the HVAC, water lines, and many other intricate facets of a building, facility management teams are frequently challenged with limited access to information. Facility managers often take valuable time to locate the object that needs repairing and look for the “how-to” information to quickly and efficiently fix the problem. With hundreds of pages in a manual to sort through – usually on a shelf in an office – it can take hours to find the right solution.

Solution: QModo keeps the content and information from multiple sources organized, associated with the correct equipment, and easily accessible by your engineers, technicians, third-party vendors, and staff. Delivering the “Power of How” to the palm of their hand saves valuable time, reduces business interruptions, and improves safety dramatically. Having the correct information when and where you need it is a game-changer.

Maintaining Compliance

Problem: Staying up to date with compliance standards is a mandatory task for any facility management team — regardless of industry. Failing to do so will place the business at risk by compromising accreditations, meeting building safety codes, and causing business interruptions.

Solution: QModo provides feature functionality to help you remain compliant, improve safety, and reduce business interruptions. By utilizing our user-friendly best practice content, forms, checklists, etc. you can confidently manage, capture, and produce reports.

The Key to Successful Facility Management

Businesses everywhere are taking the next step and implementing technology that assists them with the various demands of facility management. This way, your FM teams have everything they need at their fingertips — and can get through any situation quickly and efficiently. Delivering step-by-step instructions, connectivity throughout the team, building information and diagrams, and other essential content ensures a well-run facility. QModo delivers a single-pane-of-glass to your engineers, technicians, third-party vendors, and staff to address building and equipment maintenance challenges with the “Power of How.“ Contact QModo to see how you can implement our AI-driven solution to improve your operations.