Is Your Facility Prepared for the Cool Weather Ahead?

As the seasons change, it’s time to gear up your facility for the fall and winter. Here’s a simple checklist to guide your team through the transition.

HVAC System Tasks:

As the heating season approaches, your HVAC system has tirelessly provided cooling throughout the summer. Are you ready for the transition? Equip your team with the information they need to effectively shut down chillers, initiate boiler operations, inspect valves, coils, filters, and ensure proper drainage to prevent freeze-related damage. It can be challenging to recall all the crucial details of these annual tasks.

Seasonal Gutter Check:

Prepare in advance for snow and ice buildup. Include a seasonal task for your team to ensure that gutters are clear of leaves and debris. This will prevent water from accumulating around your building.

Sprinkler System Inspection:

After a summer of heavy usage, your sprinkler system may have developed cracks or damage due to the heat. Schedule inspections to get your system ready for draining before winter arrives.

Asset Check and Snow Removal Equipment:

Review your asset list and make sure you have a plan in place for the winter months. If you’re responsible for snow removal, assess and service your equipment. Don’t forget to consider other assets that might need attention.

Seasonal inspections and maintenance can pose challenges due to their infrequent nature. QModo can help you stay organized by managing and scheduling these tasks through our task management feature. We go a step further by providing forms and checklists to ensure tasks are completed correctly. You will also have easy access to how-to videos and comprehensive building and equipment information at any time.

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