Office Buildings

Will Your Building Be at Risk When the Most Reliable Technician Retires?

Failure to transfer knowledge to your team can be catastrophic. QModo makes it easy to capture the institutional knowledge and experience that is walking around in your senior technicians’ heads. Use the mobile app to create short videos, annotate equipment photos, and document building secrets that no one else knows.

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Institutional Knowledge

“Hey QModo, Show Me Plumbing Plans for the 1st Floor.”

Commercial office buildings are large and complex structures that evolve over time due changing tenants and renovations. QModo uses AI to help aggregate and organize building information providing your teams with quick and easy access.

  • Layered Diagrams

    QModo can load both data-rich BIM files and PDF documents with schematics. Technicians can view diagrams to access specific layers of information with direct links to assets.

  • Coverage Area Maps

    Knowing an asset‘s location is important, but knowing which building it services is even more important. QModo prioritizes this to make your teams more efficient.

Our Solution

QModo AI Benefits

Make Buildings More Efficient Without Sacrificing Tenant Comfort.

While each building may have unique needs for your tenants, they all demand the same result–efficiency, comfort, and reliability. QModo is your team's virtual expert helping them locate and manage all the information to keep tenants satisfied.

  • Centralized Control

    Rather than having multiple sources of information, QModo is your single-pane-of-glass for building systems and provides insight to make pragmatic decisions.

  • Accelerate Move-Ins

    QModo can provide moving teams with a detailed inventory list, seating plans, and floor layouts to streamline getting your tenants up and running.

  • Single Visit Maintenance

    Senior personnel can provide your teams with cheat codes, special equipment considerations, and the tools needed to do the job correctly the first time.

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