Why QModo AI

The Scavenger Hunt for Manuals, Processes, and Procedures Is Over.

Give everyone on your team real-time access to know-how, increasing job performance and satisfaction. Your organization will save time and money by reducing outages and downtime while achieving new levels of safety, compliance, and documentation.

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  • Turn information into meaningful action with:
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    Access to contingency plans during emergency situations.

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    Up-to-date instructions and detailed repair videos.

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    Detailed procedural and safety precaution guidance.

Repair & Maintenance Ecosystem

Built To Reimagine Facility Management.

Imagine a world where you don’t need to go looking for an O&M manual or the relief of not having to rely on the expertise of a senior technician when a major problem comes up – one that could be solved in a matter of seconds by anyone on your team.

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    Centralized Documentation

    Arm all of your technicians with faster know-how. With centralized document management at its core, QModo eliminates the hassle of misplaced or oftentimes, outdated information.

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    Improved Employee Training

    Allow senior technicians to become better coaches to maximize your teams performance – reducing staff turnover, lowering maintenance costs, and reducing equipment breakdowns.

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    Performance Analytics & Reporting

    Robust and configurable reporting gives you the power to assemble data into meaningful reports and identify patterns to help reduce costs for your organization.

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Tools to Drive Productivity:

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    Customizable Forms

    With a simple UI, anyone in your organization can build custom forms and checklists to conduct procedures and routine inspections.

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    Facility Mapping

    QModo offers tools to quickly identify your under and above-ground assets and then matches them with additional facility data.

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    3rd Party Integration

    Connect and collect information from your existing facility systems including CMMS, BIM, and ERP systems.

Safety First

Take the Worry Out of Routine Maintenance.

QModo alerts your technicians prior to accessing maintenance information to prevent a severe accident or causing irreparable damage to critical assets.

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    Safer Workspaces

    With QModo, it’s like your entire workforce is on the lookout. And with powerful insight, you will know exactly where you stand on safety and compliance.

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    Prevent Vs. Respond

    Deploy safety and hazard information that educates your technician through a proactive process that enables continuous improvement and risk reduction.

By Technicians, For Technicians

We Understand the Pain Points.

QModo was conceived by experts in your industry. We know your sector and the challenges you face because our team has spent decades doing what you do. QModo directly addresses and alleviates the frustrations you encounter on a daily basis.

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    Locating Information

    Finding pertinent information often takes longer than actually fixing the problem. It becomes an unnecessary scavenger hunt for manuals and notes (whether offline or online), which are typically buried in a binder or were not retained.

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    Document Access & Upkeep

    Document-based information, such as safety protocols and LOTO procedures, can be tough to quickly access and maintaining them becomes increasingly complex with older equipment that often needs the proper expertise.

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    Ensuring Compliance

    Taking steps to meet legal obligations might seem like a management no-brainer. However, it’s far too common that checklists and other steps are not followed, and if they are, there is limited to no tracking to maintain compliance.

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    Tenant Satisfaction

    Risks for interruption can be either physical or virtual and can occur through malicious or accidental means. These interruptions have a tremendous effect on revenues and often leads to tenant complaints and dissatisfaction.

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