Celebrate World FM Day with QModo AI!

Here at QModo AI, we believe in recognizing and celebrating the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our facilities safe, healthy, and operational. And what better way to celebrate World FM Day than by joining in on our webinar?

Join us for a Live Webinar: Building a Successful Safety Program

When is it?
Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at 11 am (ET-US), 8:00 am (PT-US), or 5:00 pm (CET-EU). Reserve your spot now!

What’s it all about?
Our live webinar, “Building a Successful Safety Program,” will discuss how QModo AI empowers, protects, and retains frontline workers, ultimately paving the way for a highly effective safety program. We have gathered a panel of experts to share their insights and provide actionable tips on fostering a safer and more efficient work environment.

Who are the panelists?

Joining us for this special occasion are two industry experts:

Steve Benda, QModoAI’s LOTO (Lockout/Tagout) Director, is an integral part of our team and partner in building our product in the lockout/tagout space. Steve is not only a leader and subject matter expert in lockout/tagout but his expertise extends to writing SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) material, training, and advising teams in various industries on safety protocols. His main focus throughout the years lies primarily in the power generation and industrial settings. Steve’s career began in power distribution and included the startup of several nuclear power plants. His pioneering work in safety led to the invention of his first electrical blocking device while collaborating with plant safety personnel. With a total of 25 patents for various electrical/mechanical locking and blocking devices, Steve’s innovations have become industry standards, supporting OSHA regulations such as 1910.147 The Control of Hazardous Energy (LOTO). In addition to his expertise in lockout/tagout, Steve’s other business interests include business start-up advisory, Intellectual Property management, new product development, and business Total Quality Management (TQM).

Bryce Tullis, Facility Operations Manager at P1 Services, offers invaluable insights into safety, particularly in manufacturing and distribution settings, ensuring the well-being of large teams under his supervision. From his extensive experience in facilities management and manufacturing, he offers perspectives on safety in multiple environments. Bryce has a safety first approach with his teams. He is a servant leader and problem-solver dedicated to streamlining maintenance operational processes to decrease costs and promote organizational efficiency. As a collaborative leader, he is committed to partnering with team members to promote an engaged, empowering work culture. Bryce has documented strengths in building and maintaining relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders in dynamic, fast-paced settings.

What can you expect?

During the webinar, our panelists will draw on their extensive experience and knowledge to shed light on the key elements necessary for building a successful safety program. You will gain invaluable insights, discover best practices, and receive practical tips to implement in your own facility. The focus will be on nurturing a culture of safety and efficiency, ultimately benefiting both employees and the overall operation.

How can you participate?

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Register now to secure your spot! Come celebrate World FM Day with us and join in on the discussion with industry experts.

Join the Celebration!
In addition to attending the webinar, there are other ways to show your appreciation for the facility professionals in your life. Take a moment to celebrate and recognize their hard work:

  • Shout them out on social media: Post a message on social media using the hashtag #WorldFMDay to express your gratitude and appreciation for the facility professionals who keep our environments safe and functional.
  • Throw a Party: Organize a small gathering or party to celebrate World FM Day. It could be a simple lunch or coffee break where you recognize and thank your facility management team for their dedication and hard work.
  • Write a Special Note: Take the time to write a personalized note or email to your facility professionals, showing them your gratitude. Share specific examples of how their work has positively impacted your day-to-day operations and express your appreciation for their efforts.
  • Recognize Outstanding Efforts: Consider implementing an employee recognition program specifically for facility management professionals. Acknowledge exceptional performance, innovative ideas, and contributions to workplace safety and efficiency. Reward these behind-the-scenes heroes for their hard work.

Let’s come together as a community to celebrate World FM Day and honor the dedicated facility professionals who make a significant difference every day.