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North Memorial Health – Maple Grove Hospital Continues Collaboration with QModo AI to Enhance Facility Operations

Maple Grove, Minnesota (April 29, 2024) North Memorial Health – Maple Grove Hospital, is excited to announce its continued collaboration with QModo AI, a leading facility management solution. Joe Weickert, Facility Manager at Maple Grove Hospital, recognized the need for a solution to enhance training, streamline daily processes, and ensure safety and compliance standards. Over the past three years, the partnership with QModo AI has provided an essential tool for the hospital’s facility management department, creating a shared platform to provide information to technicians for training and completing tasks while also offering leaders the ability to track progress and compliance.

Joe and QModo AI initially joined forces to tackle Maple Grove’s biggest challenge – onboarding and training new employees. Through an onsite workshop, the teams successfully uploaded videos, forms, checklists, building data, and asset information to create Maple Grove’s mobile workspace. This collaboration has significantly improved the efficiency of their training program, reducing onboarding timelines from months to just weeks. With QModo’s solution now offering instructional videos, step-by-step guides, and barcode-accessible O&M manuals, Maple Grove’s team has instant access to information, resulting in substantial time savings.

Joe expresses his satisfaction with QModo’s impact on training new team members: “New team members are quickly onboarded with training videos and checklists. A process that used to take months is now only taking a few short weeks. Thanks to QModo, our technicians now spend half the time training new team members.”

The workshop also proved invaluable in consolidating building plans, forms, parts lists, and vendor information into one mobile solution. This consolidation allows Maple Grove’s facility team to access their building information whenever and wherever they need it. Gone are the days of scrambling through paper documents and spreadsheets, as QModo provides a streamlined approach, saving time and effort.

Joe further explains: “Searching and scrambling through paper used to be a huge pain for my team. Now we use QModo to log daily rounds, access floor plans, and view parts lists anywhere in the hospital. We no longer have to run back and forth to the plan room or offices, saving us a great deal of time.”

In their commitment to minimizing errors and ensuring compliance in the critical healthcare environment, the teams shifted their focus to developing a solution to manage regulatory compliance documentation and automate reporting processes. Previously, managing compliance rounds and corrective actions was a cumbersome task using a clipboard, pen, and paper, leading to complacency. QModo’s solution now offers digital checklists, tracking of tasks completion, and the ability to generate PDF reports.

Joe explains the impact: “It used to take our team a full day to complete life safety checks. Now with QModo, our team can complete inspections in an hour, and I have immediate visibility to track completion and access reports. These reports used to take weeks to receive.”

QModo turned paper checklists and reports that used to be kept in endless amounts of binders into easily accessible digital documentation for technicians, managers, and auditors at Maple Grove.

Recently, Maple Grove’s facility department expanded its responsibilities to include the management of the hospital’s medical gas system. Together with QModo, they are working to integrate forms, training materials, and reports to effectively manage the system and build confidence in their teams. QModo will help ensure compliance with medical gas usage regulations. As part of their ongoing collaboration, the teams aim to add life safety drawings, emergency plans, and engineering blueprints to further enhance the management and compliance of their medical gas system maintenance.

Joe expresses gratitude for the impact QModo has had on managing their critical asset: “With such a critical asset, using a clipboard and notepad was organized chaos. Being able to track the regulation of our medical gas system with QModo has given us the ability to track inventory levels in each room and efficiently monitor costs. It not only helps our team operationally, but it also provides inventory control and financial benefits, ultimately saving money.”

Looking ahead, Maple Grove Hospital and QModo are excited to continue their partnership and explore further ways to improve healthcare environments. QModo AI’s team is looking forward to continuing to work towards a better tomorrow for healthcare facility teams. Jeff Twardzik, the founder of QModo, expresses his enthusiasm, noting, “With Joe’s experience and dedication to excellence. I look forward to guidance from him and his team on making QModo AI the tool of the future in healthcare.”

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