Solving Today’s Skilled Trade Workforce Staffing Challenges

One of the more difficult aspects facilities are facing today is the emerging challenges of workforce staffing. Whether it be a hospital, office building, or any other facility, downtime caused by turnover, lack of recruitment, and an aging workforce is becoming very costly. Skilled trades are some of the hardest positions to fill and today’s new hires are not getting the right training to be productive. Adding further strain to the situation, senior staff members are being stretched thin, forcing them to consider early retirement or leaving their positions and taking their experience and expertise along with them.

In this webinar, QModo’s SVP Customer Success, Ed Zunzunegui, interviews industry veterans Greg Westbrook, President of CGL Facility Management to discuss industry trends as well as how they’re addressing these issues head-on. Joining the discussion will be QModo’s Healthcare subject matter expert, Jeff Twardzik to offer his perspective on current challenges in healthcare.

They cover the following topics:

  • Strategies to address these challenges.
  • Latest technologies that help maximize uptime, safety, and compliance.
  • Forecasts on industry staffing trends.