Overcoming the Challenges of Facility Management in Higher Education

When it comes to campus facilities, there’s no shortage of challenges. From maintaining or repairing equipment to ensuring a positive environment for students, many factors can impact the success of your institution. But with today’s technology, we can overcome these challenges. We will discuss how you can leverage your existing resources and implement new technologies to improve your campus facilities.

In this webinar, listen to the insightful discussion from QModo’s Chief Customer Officer, Ed Zunzunegui, along with QModo President Jeff Twardzik, Eric Moore, Director of Maintenance at Auburn University, and Dave Krings, Energy Plant Engineer at Michigan Tech University.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Talent Crisis
  • Staffing Shortages
  • Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • Energy Saving IoT Usage and Technology
  • Information Access and Connectivity