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ML7 Selects QModo AI to Streamline Office Building Management

Atlanta, Georgia (December 21, 2021) – ML7, a family of private real estate investment, development, management, and construction companies, has chosen QModo AI, Inc. (“QModo”) to facilitate their facilities management and equipment maintenance efforts.

“Office building management faces growing challenges as we move into 2022,” according to Jeffrey Siegel, President of ML7. “It is difficult to hire and train skilled technicians who can execute timely repairs over a broad range of assets. We use a lot of third-party vendors to help us. QModo will help us to better manage their work. Maintenance and repairs cost us time and money. QModo will help us reduce costs, save time, and serve our tenants more effectively.”

The QModo solution digitizes plans, manuals, and blueprints into a single application that technicians can access directly from their smartphones. They can also review notes and videos related to a specific asset that have been uploaded by experienced technicians. Institutional knowledge is centralized in one application, eliminating the need to scout for manuals or senior personnel and allowing new hires to tap into expert experience. QModo streamlines processes and standard operating procedures so that repairs and routine maintenance become more efficient.

The first phase of ML7’s adoption of QModo will include coverage of assets from over 150,000 square feet of office space. Manuals and guides that are now on paper, in PDFs, or stored on corporate drives will be digitized and segmented into the QModo application. Within two to three weeks, information that was previously scattered will be available to all technicians at the touch of a button or through a voice command. ML7 expects significant cost savings and reduced downtime in their first month of adoption.

“We are excited to enter into this partnership with ML7,” says Mark Morel, CEO of QModo. “Our Customer Success team is already working closely with ML7 to ensure we have them up and running with the QModo solution as soon as possible.”

About QModo AI
QModo AI, Inc. (“QModo”), an Atlanta-based SaaS company, brings an AI-powered content aggregation and decision support solution that turns information into actionable knowledge. Applicable to virtually any type of building, manufacturing operation, or construction site, QModo arms stakeholders with “The Power of How.” Utilized in nearly 400 buildings and with over 75,000 assets, visual media, operating procedures, architectural drawings, and vendors, QModo’s customers are saving time and money, improving employee training and satisfaction, and ensuring safety and compliance. Through an easy-to-use, well-organized, voice-driven app, QModo delivers the right information, to the right place, at the right time. To learn more about the company’s solution, visit or connect with QModo on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

About ML7
ML7 is a family of private real estate investment, development, management, and construction companies with offices in Princeton, New Jersey, and New York City. ML7 purchases, redevelops, repositions, constructs, and manages real estate assets throughout New Jersey and New York City. We are an opportunistic buyer focusing on acquiring special situation properties and real estate experiencing some level of distress, either in their existing capital structures or as a result of mismanagement or physical neglect. ML7’s expertise is in repositioning real estate assets and unlocking value. ML7 has a heavy focus on historic and architecturally significant properties.