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CGL Facility Management Becomes Smarter, More Informed After Adopting QModo AI

Atlanta, Georgia (January 11, 2022) – CGL Facility Management, the leading provider of program management and maintenance services for a wide variety of agencies in the public sector, has recorded significant operational improvements since adopting QModo’s AI solution into their MobileMind application.

“With an aging workforce combined with turn-over of the newer technicians, we needed to embrace technology. We needed to find a way to capture and disseminate institutional knowledge to new employees, quickly making them more effective,” said Greg Westbrook, president of CGL Facility Management. CGL services clients in criminal and civil justice, higher education, and medical services, whose facility management technicians require a breadth of institutional knowledge. Staffing skilled technicians to address diverse areas such as HVAC, security, electrical, and plumbing is a challenge. CGL MobileMind, powered by QModo, allows technicians to access asset information and senior technician domain expertise without having to spend months mentoring or on-the-job training.

The QModo team visited each site, engaged with the technicians, and helped them embrace MobileMind. “Implementation in the field has been terrific. Some technicians aren’t tech-savvy, but QModo really got in there and helped show how user-friendly the application is, how easily you could get around the system and realize significant value,” Westbrook added.

One year later, MobileMind, powered by QModo, has been implemented in over 330 buildings and contains digitized information on over 8000 assets. In addition, over 250 technicians are regularly using MobileMind. It has allowed CGL to improve productivity and safety while delivering incremental value for their clients. When technicians arrive to fix a problem or perform routine maintenance, they record better response times to resolve critical issues.

“We highly value the close relationship we fostered with CGL,” said Mark Morel, CEO of QModo AI. “CGL’s commitment to excellence at all levels of their organization paved the way for our solution to empower their teams with the knowledge to confidently maintain and repair buildings and equipment.”

About QModo AI
QModo AI, Inc. (“QModo”), an Atlanta-based SaaS company, brings an AI-powered content aggregation and decision support solution that turns information into actionable knowledge. Applicable to virtually any type of building, manufacturing operation, or construction site, QModo arms stakeholders with “The Power of How.” Utilized in nearly 400 buildings and with over 75,000 assets, visual media, operating procedures, architectural drawings, and vendors, QModo’s customers are saving time and money, improving employee training and satisfaction, and ensuring safety and compliance. Through an easy-to-use, well-organized, voice-driven app, QModo delivers the right information, to the right place, at the right time. To learn more about the company’s solution, visit or connect with QModo on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

About CGL
CGL has more than 40 years of expertise providing planning, design, management, and maintenance solutions to the criminal justice market. We work with local, state, national, and international communities to create efficient systems and facilities that improve and strengthen the communities served. Our focus is on providing the most well-rounded program for each challenge. We ensure that every client’s needs are answered with dynamic, creative, and practical solutions that serve the public need and last for generations. Learn more at or contact them directly at