Achieving Dependable Compliance in a Healthcare Environment

Keeping equipment in healthcare facilities up-to-date and in compliance with all applicable laws is no easy task, especially when many hospitals work from guidelines that are scattered throughout multiple locations. These procedures are oftentimes outdated or incomplete, which makes compliance even more difficult to obtain. This leaves facility managers at high risk for the penalties of non-compliance, from legal action to lost revenue, and can potentially impact patient care.

In this webinar, listen to the insightful discussion from QModo’s Chief Customer Officer, Ed Zunzunegui, along with QModo President, Jeff Twardzik had with Adrienne Chase, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer at Logan Health.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • The importance of healthcare compliance.
  • The challenges currently facing the healthcare industry.
  • How new technologies can be leveraged to streamline processes and ensure optimal patient care.